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BenFamilyThere are a lot of churches out there. Each one is unique in what it has to offer. At Phillips Chapel we believe our church is different and here is why...

We are so excited about the work God is doing in our church. We have a lot of room to grow and we feel our potential is limitless. God has blessed us with wonderful facilities and because of that we want to give back and invest in our community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a matter of fact that is our purpose, to reach our community and ultimately the world with the truth of God's Word. Because of that you will find that our worship services focus on practical, relevant and accurate Biblical teaching. We are conservative in both faith and practice.

You will also find transparency and honesty among our membership. Very simply, we are not perfect people. We are real people with a real message of hope in Jesus Christ. We are people who love Jesus and we want you to love Him too.

We know that not every church is for everyone, but we would love it if you would make Phillips Chapel your home.

--Pastor Ben Gibson

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Mailing Address:
Phillips Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
3074 S. 48th St.
Springdale, AR 72762

(479) 756-6787

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